Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Birthday Wish List


When I was younger, I used to ask people (usually my parents, siblings or close friends) for specific gifts for my birthday. I have no idea where I got that attitude, but it actually worked for years. No apologies, I was just being practical! I have loved everything I got and was able to put each one to good use because I picked them. Of course, that behavior changed as I grew older. As an adult, we are expected to say "don't bother" or "anything" if we're asked what we want. Courtesy is the culprit.
But hey! That doesn't mean I can't make a wish list right?

Barefoot Contessa Cookbook Collection$67
Tokina11-16mm Wide Angle Lens$599
Topshop Grey Draped Boyfriend Blazer$110
CoachNatale Boot$259
ChanelRouge Coco$30
MadewellGift Card
MACFabulous Felines Part 2-Leopard Luxe Eye Shadow Quad$36
Twenty8TwelveRamone Skirt$123.75
Marc JacobsPandora mohair-blend sweater dress$270
Paulette'sMacarons Box of 12$19
CoachKristin Patent Pleated Satchel$398
Michael KorsNadia Pump$165
Marc JacobsMademoiselle Cotton Scarf$50
Kate SpadeSmall Idiom Bangle$42
DominoThe Book of Decorating$22.06

Monday, October 18, 2010

Military Rain Boots and Mr. Boss


Ann Taylor Loft Cardigan,H&M Dress, Michael Kors Rain Boots and Watch


It wasn't freezing cold today and the rain was so subtle that we were still able to go out and take pictures. Just the kind of day I was waiting for so I can sport a thin polka dot dress and my new rain boots. Anyways, today we went to an eyeglass store to order a new pair of reading glasses for Jon. His old one broke a couple months ago so he's been living with his contact lenses since. At the store, he was torn between a not-so-known brand and an Armani. I must say, he looked like an undecisive kid at Toys R Us. It took him quite a few switches between the two..and then we saw these sleek and manly looking Hugo Boss glasses. Without hesitation, he told me that he's gonna get it. My husband's such a dork! and I think it's hot :)


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dulce de Leche Cheesecake Squares


When I pulled out the recipe for this delectable bite size dessert, I knew I couldn't fumble. After all, cheesecake is my favorite cake(or pie). I made sure I got the right and best quality ingredients, and read the procedure over and over again. The process of making it turned out to be tormenting as much as it's exciting. First, preparing dulce de leche requires a 50-minute heating of condensed milk - the greatest creation in the history of sweets! I can't count how many times I shooed Jon away so he wouldn't try dipping his finger in it (I had to control myself as well from licking the spoon I used to stir). And it called for an overnight chilling! The anticipation turned into frustration that night for dinner. Imagine the agony we felt while eating store-bought biscuits knowing there's a fresh and luscious dessert sitting in the fridge.

More than 12 hours later, I found my husband munching on a plate full of cheesecake squares while playing video games, then delivering some to his brother's house, then delivering more squares again to his brother at night. And that's when I knew I nailed it.




Friday, October 15, 2010

Shades of Yellow


I am currently obsessed with anything yellow. I think these items would be perfect addition to our "monotoned" room and my growing kitchen arsenal. These might be just the right statement pieces I am looking for.

Anthropologie Cirrus Shade$98
Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer$299.95
Topshop Knot Tassel Scarf$32
Anthropologie Beach Find Bottle$88
Dwell Studio for Target Peony Decorative Pillow
Anthropologie Flame Leaf Bowl$16
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia DVD$25.49
Jonathan Adler Banana Rug$160
William Sonoma Salt and Pepper Mill$55

Wednesday, October 13, 2010



Do you believe in lucky numbers? A lot of people do. I can imagine how many lined up for Lotto tickets last Sunday or even went to the casino. Where was I that day though? oh ya, I was Target store hopping. It's the same day Mulberry for Target bags were released (nice strategy I know). I actually went to four different branches, including their website to see if there's anything left of the large satchels. Darn fashionistas ( or Ebay sellers?) woke up early to grab them. I guess I should've known - the exact same Mulberry for Target line literally sold out two seconds after Gilt had a preview sale in September.

My husband Jon and I thought we had just experienced our unluckiest day since he also missed out on some limited edition pins (he collects Disney Pins). We were already at Disneyland before 7am and still we didn't get them. In short, we went home empty-handed. But I just won't give up! I told Jon there's gotta be at least one Target that still has a few of the satchel bags. That night, I checked Target's website again and alas! I found one. I let my husband know that if it's meant for me, then I will get it tomorrow. Do have I to tell you what happened the following day?


H&M Shirt,H&M Army Green Shorts,Zara Belt,Mulberry for Target Bag,Jeffrey Campbell Shoes, Michael Kors watch





Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hello Cooler Weather


Yes it's been more than a month since I last snapped a fashion photo of myself (a sign of a bad blogger). And this might not be the best reason but I am gonna say it anyway, IT'S THE HEAT! I did try pulling out outfits and wearing them when we go out but just before I exit the front door, big sweat marks start forming either on the back or on the underarm area of my top. And I just can't stand that. So I always end up changing into a looser tee and shorts, oh and TOMS! Here I thought Summer was over three weeks ago. Such unpredictable weather.

With all the days of rain and cooler air we're experiencing ( at least here in California) I assume it marks the start of more pleasant days ahead. Cooler air, colored autumn leaves and pumpkins in grocery stores? What other evidence do I need? FALL is officially here and I am electrified. I figured this is the perfect time to showcase the ensembles I have been aching to show off. What do you think of this one?


H&M Sweater,Forever21 Denim Vest and Army Button Down,Old Navy Shorts,Target Socks,DKNY Shoes



Friday, October 1, 2010

Raspberry Cream Cookies


Raspberries and white chocolate are not exactly my favorite sweets, but when you combine them to create a filling, the result can be a mouth-watering experience.


These cookies turned out to be tasty enough to eat alone, minus the filling.




Thursday, September 2, 2010

In the Navy


It's September ladies, and I couldn't be happier! With the warm days slowly going away, in no time we'd be getting chilly weather and I'd be cutting the price tags off the new clothes I had been hoarding in preparation for autumn. I'll also probably start packing away most of the summer pieces and pick those that can be easily transformed into fall items like this stripe nautical shirt. Who would've thought this mariniƩre trend would last until fall? This only proves that classic looking pieces that you can play around with to create variety tend to stay longer. I own at least four nautical shirts now, of course, in slightly different styles.

I badly need hair color and treatment.


H&M Shirt,BDG Jeans,Nine West Sandals,Ann Taylor Loft Jacket,UO Belt

nine west

Monday, August 30, 2010

Almond Lace Cookies

almond lace cookies

I actually have been spending most of my time lately trying out easy dessert recipes that involves baking - mostly almonds and bananas (we just have a lot of those items here at the house). Thankfully, I made use of all the bananas in the fruit basket by making banana nut bread and banana cream pie. The almonds though, I knew I had to use them before they get stale and bitter. While getting lost in the continuously growing world of blogging I came across this almond lace cookie recipe. These cookies are so thin and crispy and also very delicate, which is why you have to keep an eye on them or else they will burn easily. They are crunchy and really sweet, which makes them a good complement for a strong coffee.


Monday, August 23, 2010

The Slouchy Shirt


If there's one piece of clothing that must be declared a new basic aside from skinny jeans, it's the boyfriend tee. This item that "we borrowed from the boys" has never failed me when it comes to dressing. When it's hot, I'd wear it with denim cut off shorts and sandals, or with Maxi skirt and wooden platforms. Wear it under a blazer or a cable knit sweater, paired with skirt and boots, and your set for the cold weather. It's become a staple in my closet and as odd as it may sound, this slouchy and oversized shirt is one of the things I feel sexiest in.


Alexander Wang T, UO Jeans, Seychelles Platforms,Forever21 Necklace,Skagen Watch

Friday, August 13, 2010

Yummy Gummy Cupcakes


Sometimes I tend to have one of those days when I feel too sluggish to go anywhere, and there's only a couple things I do when laziness hit me..It's either I browse the Internet or watch bad TV. Today, I decided to do something that's a little more productive and challenging (yes,you heard it right,'s because I don't really bake!). Baking is one of the many things I always wanted to be good at but never had the chance to practice. So, I hastily scoured the web and printed out a few recipes. After some time of debating which recipe to use, I ended up using this recipe by Ina Garten (I am a big fan of her)and this cream cheese frosting recipe. What could be a better treat on a hot and lazy day other than cupcakes and gummy bear?

Where I messed up: The frosting was a little runny to spread or pipe. Any suggestion?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Good Start


Old Navy Cardigan,Shirt from Target,Gap 1969 Skinny Jeans,Jeffrey Campbell Sandals, Forver21 Bag



Hello Lovelies! I hope you're also having a good start of the week like I am. Yesterday, I picked up hand soaps from Bath and Body Works. My favorites are lime and basil, pink grapefruit and sunburst tangerine. They all smell so good! Can you tell I have a thing for citrus scents? And today, I found the perfect notebook..the Jonathan Adler mini notebook was just too cute. Now, I have something to write my everyday thoughts, reminders and calorie intake on!

Jonathan Adler Mini Notebook

Bath and Body works hand soap

Stabilo Point 88

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

LA Out and About


I can barely remember the last time I was at a zoo. Not that i don't like animals, it's just that the thought of visiting a zoo seems like a thing for kids only. Yesterday we visited the LA zoo and I'm so glad we went because it was a lot of fun. These meerkats were our number one favorite. They're so fun to look at!

wearing a safari outfit :)


They surprisingly have good churros..the caramel one was really good.

We had late lunch and good thing it wasn't packed when we arrived at Tart

They say these were voted best chicken slider in LA. I just had to try 'em.


Ann Taylor cardigan, UO top, Forever21 necklace,Zara shorts, UO belt,Michael Kors watch, Jessica Simpson ankle boots, Olivia Harris bag

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The OC Fair



American Eagle shirt, UO top,H&M shorts, Vintage belt,Sabina New York bag,Ray-Ban Wayfarer, Chuck Taylors


Australian battered potatoes


Western Sausage.


This probably wasn't the best dessert to get at a fair,but i just haven't had banana split in such a long time. It looks so good that a photographer spotted me eating it and took a picture :)


We had our dinner at Santouka,which is probably our favorite place for ramen. We realized we already consumed enough carcinogen from all the grilled food we ate at the fair.

Salt Ramen. Yum.