Friday, March 28, 2014

Autumn's French Circus Party

balthazar photo DSC_5848.jpg Well, hello folks! Long time no see! After two years since my last post, I thought maybe I should revive this blog, so why not start by sharing photos from Autumn's first birthday party (yes, I have a daughter now!). I am so excited to share them with you! Just a warning though, this post contains lots of photos!
desserttable photo DSC_5350.jpg
smashcakeupclose photo DSC_5336.jpg photo d9be2b98-4558-4843-859c-d391ea9832cf.jpg
invitation photo DSC_5456.jpg
 photo 2b162715-2591-4500-a4b3-47eb8903437c.jpg photo 5d1da49a-4f83-4a99-b534-36ce6d7bd98b.jpg
peanuts photo DSC_5163.jpglion photo DSC_5482.jpg
flowers photo DSC_5475.jpgcroissants photo DSC_5477.jpg
monkeypinata photo DSC_5171.jpg circus photo DSC_5407.jpg partyhats photo DSC_5723.jpg instagramsign photo DSC_5436.jpg teepeewithkids1 photo DSC_6146.jpg teepeewithkids2 photo DSC_6084.jpg baby photo DSC_5271A.jpg familyphoto3 photo DSC_6067.jpg tayloresme photo DSC_5307.jpg
 photo dd8dc4b9-6d44-4d3e-b960-3489d84b3b44.jpgbungisngis250 photo 652bf245-a3b0-43f3-83f4-d5870c581bfc.jpg
dandangrandkid photo DSC_5726.jpgkidsandtech photo DSC_5400.jpg
hello photo DSC_5364.jpg
bubbles1 photo DSC_6008.jpgmason photo DSC_5958.jpg
familyfringe photo DSC_5806.jpg donna photo a3b9deef-22b2-4379-858e-ef5a20104b27.jpg autumnlolajay photo DSC_5759.jpg meetandgreet photo DSC_5754.jpg loloandautumn1 photo DSC_5705A.jpg mamaautumnlola photo DSC_5788.jpg aileenautumn photo DSC_5676.jpg  photo 88ebe0de-9618-44c0-983c-a572fdd5496e.jpg
 photo 18939485-5f41-406f-abbd-1af5a0a1bf62.jpgcharliepinata photo DSC_6020.jpg
fringe photo DSC_5811.jpg balthazar2 photo DSC_5843.jpg candle photo DSC_5886.jpg smashcake1 photo DSC_5936A.jpg autumnandada photo DSC_5903.jpg mamaandautumn photo DSC_5794.jpg  photo DSC_5796.jpg  photo DSC_6179.jpg  photo DSC_6198.jpg  photo 5b2c7380-2a4f-4818-aa4d-a4151088ad81.jpg kissingboothlolalolo photo DSC_6196.jpg mamadadaautumnkissingbooth photo DSC_6173.jpg  photo DSC_6229.jpg holdhands photo DSC_5569.jpg group photo DSC_5951.jpg familyphotoballoon1 photo DSC_6035.jpg
It was an afternoon filled with lots of fun and good food. Thanks to our family and friends who celebrated Autumn's first birthday with us! It meant so much to have you guys there!

Photos by Mercie Ghimire
Printable Decor from Sweet Paul Magazine
Instagram sign by SweetNCCollective
Honeycomb balls,party plates and stripe straws from Sweet Lulu
Balloon and tassel garland Steph Shives Studio
C'est la fête banner by Michiemay
Cake, Autumn's smash cake & mini desserts by Sweet and Saucy Shop
Catering by Twisted Sage Cafe
Custom monkey piñata by Whack Piñateria